Trademark Premier to Help You with Office Actions

Our team at Trademark Premier can help you overcome certain Office Actions by USPTO. If Office Actions state that you need to change your class or description, move your mark to supplemental register, disown particular words or admit an alternative specimen, our team can definitely help. But there are some Office actions that we can’t help you with, like solid similarity with another mark, less descriptive designation, etc.

Don’t worry if your receive Office action because more than 60% of trademark applications receive Office Action Letter from USPTO. Just fulfill the requirements of USPTO and fix the errors asked in the Office Action, and hopefully, your application will get accepted. Receiving Office Action might seem like a setback, but never get disappointed because Trademark Premier will help you fulfill USPTO requirements.

Trademark Renewals & Application Maintenance

Are you trademarked? If so, you can now get the most value out of your trademark by preparing your business for the evolving laws and regulations worldwide. We offer highly competitive rates for our trademark renewal and application maintenance services. Now you can focus on other critical business activities because your trademark is in good hands.

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